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Below is a list of commonly asked questions.

  • Qoobo is moving lethargically.
    Qoobo sometimes grows tired and falls asleep. If you let it rest for about 30 minutes, it usually becomes active again.
  • I took Qoobo out of the package and turned it on, but it’s not moving.
    Please feed Qoobo food (power) by charging the battery before turning it on for the first time.
  • The LED light is not lit while Qoobo is being charged.
    The LED light may take a while to begin flashing when you turn on Qoobo for the first time or after leaving it unused for a long time. Once the LED light begins flashing, that indicates the battery is charging normally.
  • Qoobo does not turn on.
    When turning the power switch on, push it firmly until you hear a click.
  • Where is the power switch located?
    The power switch and charging port are located adjacent to the base on the opposite side from each other.
  • Qoobo makes a squeaky noise when moving its tail.
    Squeaks from the motor are normal and not an indication of malfunction.
  • When should I feed (charge) Qoobo?
    The LED light flashing every 4 seconds indicates Qoobo is hungry (low battery).
  • The LED Light is flashing fast.
    The LED light flashing fast indicates errors and/or possible malfanctioning of Qoobo. For detailed code information, please refer to page 15 of the User Guide.
  • Are replacments for the fur cover available for purchase?
    The covers for Qoobo cannot be purchased separately.
  • I misplaced the User Guide.
    The Qoobo User Guide is available for download here, and the Petit Qoobo User Guide is available for download here.
  • I would like to purchase your product, but there’s no shop in my area/country. What do I do?
    Please feel free to contact us, and we may be able to arrange for overseas shipment.