WHAT'S Qoobo
WHAT'S Qoobo

WHAT'S Qoobo

A Tailed CushionA Tailed Cushion That Heals Your Heart

Qoobo is a therapeutic robot in the form of a cushion with a tail. When caressed, it waves gently. When rubbed, it swings playfully. And, it occasionally wags just to say hello. It's comforting communication that warms your heart the way animals do. Begin your "tail therapy" today and wrap yourself with fuzzy love.


Stroke it,and the tail waves gently. Rub it,and the tail swings playfully. It occasionally wags just to say "Hello"!Stroke it,and the tail waves gently. Rub it,and the tail swings playfully. It occasionally wags just to say "Hello"!




A tailed cushion that wags when stroked.
It’s a curious presence you will want to cuddle. Whether it’s on your sofa or bed, it will be a close healing presence.

  • STROKE >

    Lifelike tail movements

  • REACT >

    Right weight and size to cuddle


    Soft and smooth fur

Petit Qoobo'S FEATURES

Petit Qoobo(プチ・クーボ)
Petit Qoobo(プチ・クーボ)

A petit size tailed cushion.
In addition to reacting with its tail, it can go out with you, hang out on your desk, and overall be a presence close to you.


    A portable petit size

  • REACT >

    Tail reacts to voices and sounds


    A subtle heartbeat


Qoobo’s New Companions


  • Qoobo(クーボ) HUSKY GRAY
  • Qoobo(クーボ) FRENCH BROWN
  • Qoobo(クーボ) SILKY BLACK

    *Sold Out

Petit Qoobo(プチ・クーボ)

  • Petit Qoobo(プチ・クーボ) Gris
  • Petit Qoobo(プチ・クーボ) Marron
  • Petit Qoobo(プチ・クーボ) Noir
  • Petit Qoobo(プチ・クーボ) Blanc


We worked to develop a technology that can move your heart and a cushion tail.

  • しっぽと心を動かすテクノロジー

    Through trial and error, we developed a mechanism that closely mimics the complex movements of an animal's tail.

  • しっぽと心を動かすテクノロジー

    We observed an animal's movements and designed a program to have them reproduced.



Prof. Nobuhiro Sakata

Qoobo intrigued me because the shape of the tail and the ways it moves just bring a smile to my face. When you are stressed, I think this could comfort you and heal you. It's a refreshing concept to have humans and a robot communicate only through tail movements without relying on sounds or facial expressions. As a user, you would project your emotions onto how the tail moves, and you could get a sense of healing from that. I felt it after using the cushion myself.

Prof. Nobuhiro Sakata
Dokkyo Medical University

Prof. Kazuko Obayashi

"Is this a tadpole? A cat? Oh, it's waving its tail! How interesting!" These were some of the reactions of the elderly when they first met Qoobo. Among communication robots, it's rare to find one which naturally draws out commentary and urges individuals to interact with it. It was a moment where we could see how Qoobo moves people's hearts and spreads smiles. Another positive aspect is users don't get tired of Qoobo's effects.

Prof. Kazuko Obayashi
Nihon Fukushi University


About the Healing Effects Experiment

Tests Show Qoobo Reduces Stress in Users

We had a psychological assessment conducted on a group of 38 people (both males and females in their teens through 30s) to see how using Qoobo may affect their state of mind. The results showed they experienced meaningful reductions in their stress levels when using Qoobo, compared to when not. Positive mood changes were particularly evident in the participants' responses to the questions posed to measure their levels of "tension and anxiety," "depressed feelings" and "tiredness/apathy."

Click here to see the full data
Tests Show Qoobo Reduces Stress in Users

Positive Response Effect Demonstration at an Elderly Care Facility

The effect of Qoobo's tail movements was measured with 40 men and women at intensive care elderly homes and elderly welfare facilities. It was demonstrated that the presence of a "Qoobo with a moving tail" had significant effects on users. The Qoobo "moved their hearts," and urged them to comment on or pet it. It also allowed for increased interaction with other users. These effects were maintained for the entire 3-week duration of the experiment. There was no decrease in the effects due to "boredom." Instead, positive effects were amplified, showing that Qoobo is a tool that can be used continuously.

Click here to see the full data
Positive Response Effect Demonstration at an Elderly Care Facility


  • Qoobo
  • Power

    Rechargeable battery

  • Battery Run Time

    8+ hours

  • Size

    W320 x H150 xD 520 mm

  • Weight

    Approx. 1,000g

  • System_requirements

    Temperature : +10℃ ~ +35℃
    Humidity : +20% ~ +80%

  • Material

    Body : ABS、nylon
    Charging cable : Vinyl chloride
    Cushion : Acrylic、polyester、zinc alloy

※Design may change without notice.

Petit Qoobo
  • Petit Qoobo
  • Power

    Rechargeable battery

  • Battery Run Time

    8+ hours

  • Size

    W210 x H110 xD 280 mm

  • Weight

    Approx. 600g

  • System_requirements

    Temperature : +10℃ ~ +35℃
    Humidity : +20% ~ +80%

  • Material

    Body : ABS、POM、TPR
    Charging cable : Liquid crystal polymer
    Cushion : Polyester、Zinc alloy

Petit Qoobo

※Design may change without notice.


  • Where are these available for purchase?

    Qoobo, Qoobo Disney Series, and Petit Qoobo are available at the following stores.

  • For what ages is Qoobo designed?

    Qoobo is designed for use by all ages, except for babies. Please do not allow children and disabled individuals unaccompanied access to the product.

  • Can I sit on Qoobo?

    Please do not sit or stand on the cushion/tail. Just like any pet, Qoobo likes to be cuddled and gently petted.

  • Can I wash the fur cover?

    If the cover is heavily soiled, soak it in lukewarm water with laundry detergent and gently press it in water to clean. The fur texture may change as a result of washing.

  • Are there color options for Qoobo?

    Qoobo is available in the three colors, “Husky Gray,” “French Brown,” and “Silky Black.” Petit Qoobo is available in the four colors, “Gris,” “Marron,” “Noir,” and “Blanc.”

  • Does it understand the meaning of words?

    It is unable to understand the meaning of words. Please enjoy having nonverbal communication, such as through petting.

  • How do I feed (charge) Qoobo?

    Qoobo operates on a rechargeable battery. Plug the charging cable’s jack firmly into the charger port located adjacent to the base of Qoobo’s tail.

  • I would like to purchase your product, but there’s no shop in my area/country. What do I do?

    Please feel free to contact us, and we may be able to arrange for overseas shipment.




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